Saturday, 21 January 2012

How To Reduce Weight Loss Stress

Many dieters don’t realize that stress is one of the biggest factors that prevents them from being able to lose weight. The affect of stress on our bodies has a very negative impact when it comes to losing body weight. Hypnosis has proved to be invaluable to many dieters for helping them to keep their stress levels under control.
Our body has limits for how much stress it can cope with. When we become too stressed, the adrenal glands in the body go into overdrive and push it into “fight of flight” mode. When this happens, the adrenal glands release certain chemicals into the body which are less than helpful when we are trying to lose weight.
One of these chemicals is Cortisol. Cortisol increases insulin levels in the blood and causes the body to slow down the burning of fat. In addition, Cortisol elevates blood sugar levels and causes the body to store more fat.
Another chemical released during stressful times is Adrenaline. Increased levels of adrenaline causes the body to retain more fluids, which increases body weight. Stress also triggers the production of Galanin which has a tendency to give us cravings for fats and carbohydrates.
As we can see, becoming stressed is very harmful if you are trying to lose weight. No matter how good of a diet or exercise routine you have, if you can’t control your stress, it will be a lot harder to lose weight.
So, one of the keys to losing weight is relaxation, and that’s where hypnosis can be so valuable. Hypnosis is wonderful for reducing stress because it activates the body’s natural relaxation response.
When your body is in a relaxed state, systems in your body such as the immune system and the endocrine system quickly return the their natural healthy functioning. This restores the chemical balance inside your body meaning it can deal with foods appropriately and won’t store as much fat.
With practice, it is possible to get into this feeling of deep relaxation in as little as three minutes. It is almost like having stress relief on tap. If you can become deeply relaxed this quickly, it is priceless for your weight loss prospects.
In addition to helping you relax, hypnosis can help you distinguish between good and bad stress. Stress that invigorates you and inspires you to tackle life’s challenges helps you to reach your potential. On the other hand, stress based on irrational worrying can fill you with fear, anxiety and ultimately depression.
One of the huge benefits of hypnosis is that it can help you learn how to relax yourself in all stressful situations. When you can do this, you can easily replace your negative thinking patterns with positive thoughts that will lift your spirits.
The importance of reducing stress must not be overlooked when you are trying to lose weight. Hypnosis is therefore one of the most valuable tools you have.
  • Our body has limits regarding how much stress it can handle.
  • Our bodies release Cortisol and Adrenaline when we are stressed which causes our body to store more fat and burn it slower
  • Relaxation via hypnosis restores our body’s systems to their natural healthy state, and restores the chemical balance.
  • Hypnosis can teach us to feel relaxed in all stressful situations. Thus, replacing negative thoughts with positive uplifting thoughts is easy.
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