Saturday, 28 July 2012

School is out... but not my workout!

School is out... but not my workout!

My daughters 5 & 9 have now 6-week-holiday, so we are spending a few weeks in France at my parents.
Tamzin (9) will miss out her regular swimming squad training sessions, so I am tasked to make sure she doesn’t lose her stamina & fitness levels during this trip. I asked advice from Belinda and I am able to use some of the Get Lean Program workouts using only her bodyweight. This is fantastic for me, because it means that I will have to do additional exercise with her and it will keep me motivated to not fall out of my own Get Lean training program!

For me, the Get Lean Program is now part of my lifestyle, so I ordered a few pieces of inexpensive equipment to be able to continue my resistance workout here like I usually do at home. For the rest, I just need to find creative way of using free alternative resources, like the bench of the picnic table, a window frame, a flower pot or else!

At the end, even the 5-year-old joined in with our daily workout routines, here are a few photos my mum took while she was watching us from the comfort of her lounge chair:

Never give up! I am struggling a bit with continuing my nutritious & balanced diet in France, but that’s all right: it’s not about being perfect! In the past, this would have meant giving up everything... not anymore!
So, if you have kids too... why don’t you follow us: there is nothing more inspiring than a family getting fit together! I now have my girls motivated... the next person to motivate is my husband: that will take much longer, but we will get there eventually!!

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Get Lean Program: 2nd round, Month 1

Second round of Get Lean 12-week-program: Month 1 completed!

When I started the Get Lean Program a few months ago, my weight loss goal was to get down to 60kg by the end of June 2012: today is 1st July 2012 and I am 60.5kg... so yes I have succeeded!

I am 43-year-old and probably fitter & healthier than at the same weight when I was 25! So, it is never too late and if you make the decision you also can do it! If I can do it...anyone can do it too!

I will shortly upload some pictures to demonstrate my progress, but for now I can share these figures with you:

15 Jan 2012: Waist 33”, chest 36”, hips 39”, Thighs 24” right & 23.5” left, bicep 13”
1st Jul 2012: Waist 31.5”, chest 34”, hips 36”, Thighs 22” right & 22.5” left, bicep 11”

10 Oct 2010: BMI (Body Mass Index) 26.3 overweight, body fat 30.4% marginally overfat
1st Jul 2012: BMI (Body Mass Index) 23 normal, body fat 26.2% normal

Thanks to specific exercises & good nutrition, my cellulite is practically gone. On the other hand, I have some loose skin that will need about 1 year for its elasticity of recover from the ‘rapid’ fat loss. This is only temporary and will improve by taking care of my skin with the following routine: body brushing, exfoliating and moisturizing. It will also resolve itself by continuing toning & building muscle mass.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level: further reduce body fat % and gaining a more toned & lean body shape!

Belinda has given me a new training workout schedule to achieve these new goals!

I am so glad I came across Belinda‘s Get LeanProgram!

Until my next update in a month’s time, look at these testimonials: