Monday, 9 January 2012

Belinda Benn's Story

I am over dieting! At 36, after two kids and some 10 odd years of my weight fluctuating up and down, I’m left with cellulite, flab, low confidence and even lower motivation to go through it again. However, I’m not here to be negative! Quite the opposite. At last, I think I’ve found a healthy, realistic and affordable approach to kick my bad habits once and for all. Let me introduce you to Belinda Benn’s GetLean Program.
Belinda’s story
One factor that always fails in me losing weight is that I’ve never taken my diets seriously. The pictures of the women who supposedly have lost hundreds of pounds are taunt and ripped. But when I look in the mirror, it seems so unrealistic. This always leaves me only half-heartedly attempting to achieve my goal, as they seem so unattainable.
From first appearances, Belinda who is fit and sculpted to perfection would seem like any of those other figures featured in every weight loss commercial. What surprised me about her is that her story is so relatable. At 37, she had never exercised in her life. She had been married and had children. She lived on an unhealthy diet but felt like she had no time to do better. She even admits she had cellulite and flab! To myself along with many of you, surely, this sounds very close to home.
Now at 45, Belinda admits to feeling the best shape of her life. Not only does she look great but has a new philosophy and approach to life, feeling mentally and emotionally vibrant and alive.
How Belinda revolutionised her life
Belinda’s approach to losing weight is what most appeals to me. Instead of being based on short-term dieting with fast but unattainable results, she worked on learning about foods and choosing new, food positive habits. Under Belinda’s approach, eating doesn’t mean cutting out all the tasty ‘bad’ foods or living by some ridiculous ‘rules’. It’s simple and easy. Instead, it’s about learning about food to empower yourself to eat well and exercise well using tools that you already have around you. No gimmicks. No gadgets. Simple wisdom, guidance and support. Everything you need to succeed.
So, what’s The Get Lean Program?
The Get Lean Program is an easy to use guide that you can read work through from home. It’s flexible, designed to work into your busy lifestyle. It’s affordable, using foods that you can access at your own supermarket, or may already have!
Belinda’s guide is explained thoroughly in simple language. She supplies you with a 3 Phase Fat Burning System which breaks the program into gradual stages, setting you up for long term, manageable changes rather than crash and burn dieting.
For a busy woman like me with a husband, kids and job, the program has a Step by Step Fat Loss Plan that works into your daily schedule. It even includes 12 weeks of Daily Meal Plans and over 50 Fat Burning Recipes to take the planning out of it and make it as easy as possible to work into your routine.
Because Belinda has been through the weight loss process herself, she understands the struggle it can be to persevere. To help you through it, she includes her 10 Secrets to Success so you know exactly how she battled and overcame the same issues. There is also a Diary & Success Journal to help you work through the psychological connection we all have with food. Incredibly, there is also Belinda’s personal support via email where Belinda will personally support you through your journey!

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