Friday, 13 January 2012

Reset Day 5: Last day of natural detox challenge

I woke up in a panic not naturally but by the alarm!? Motivated still, I got up anyway for my morning workout thinking it won’t be an issue to catch up later on other things to do!
A bit confused I switched on the TV and select the first recorded program I hadn’t viewed as yet: Kundalini Yoga with Maya – Mantras. I gave it up after a few minutes because it was all about chanting and I did feel uncomfortable making these type of noises while the rest of my family are still asleep above...

I chose the next one: Apple Yoga with Katy Appleton – Episode 1. I really enjoyed the workout, there was even one exercise in the middle that requires chanting...this time I got on with it & chanted. I felt really good & energised from it and felt silly not having done the first video!

I felt so good that I was keen to do another video: The BobyHoliday Episode 3 – Yoga. I would love to go on holiday one day there in St Lucia...need to save some money first & convince hubby to come with!! If any one is interested, look at this special offer:

I continued my food plan as per usual, not feeling hungry at all... I even nearly forgot to eat my morning snack! I am excited at the idea of going on the scale tomorrow where I am meant to lose between 1.8 to 2.3 kgs (4-5 lbs). Let’s see how close I will be to my 60 kg optimal goal.
I believe I will still have more than 5 kgs (10 lbs) to lose and in that case I will move to Phase 1 – Transformation Phase. Every day, I will replace 1 meal and 1 snack with low glycemic ones!
My plan tomorrow is to do the chanting yoga video I passed this morning and encourage my daughters to join me in my workouts if they are awake!

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