Thursday, 12 January 2012

Detox challenge Day 4: Feeling fantastic!

Hooray! I managed to get up naturally at 5.30 am and tried something completely new called ‘Choi Bo’ workout with Anthony Aurelius for about 40 minutes. It was a body conditioning session with strengthening & stretching exercises.

For those without Sky TV and those without Body In Balance Channel, they do offer their workout videos on demand (unlimited access to 400 + videos) for only £5 a month: that’s so much cheaper than a membership gym and more convenient!
I had a busy day, but I was full of beans so everything went very smoothly. I feel fantastic!!
I am not bored of the Nutrimeal shakes (my favourite is off course Chocolate) or the nutrition bars and I also add an orange and some carrot sticks.
My daughter who is 8 trains several times a week in the Squad of a local Swimming Club in the evening. She is training tonight and guess what she will have to replenish her body after the session: a strawberry Nutrimeal shake: she only has a small shake 2/3!
I will only weigh myself on the morning of Day 6, but I can already feel that my jeans are no longer tight so I know the detox is working!!
I am excited at the idea of being able to get up so early to long term goal is to exercise for at least 1 hour daily and at least 5 times a week!!!
Looking forward to tomorrow...till later!

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