Monday, 9 January 2012

Reset Day 1:

As many of us, I have over indulged over the Christmas holidays and was not as active as I should have been. I weigh myself this morning: 69.9kg...but that’s ok, I know what to do: start with a natural detox and get back slowly into good habits and routines.
 Today I am starting a 5 Day Jump Start Carb Cleanse – it will kick off my metabolism and eliminate cravings for sugar and refined carbs. The average weight loss is 4-5 lbs.
My original plan was to get up ½ hour earlier and start with a 30 min Pilates workout DVD that I got myself for Christmas to replace my gym membership! But as she often does, my 4-year-old got into our bed during the night...therefore I didn’t get a good enough sleep and I needed that ½ hour sleep instead.
Instead of tea or coffee (it’s a detox remember!), I started the day with an organic herbal tea: nettle, fennel & peppermint...not bad at all!

And this is my low glycemic feed that I planned for today:

My breakfast will be a tasty Cappucino (taste like but is not!) Nutrimeal Shake with an added scoop of Fibergy (even more fiber: I need it!) with my morning USANA healthpack supplements pouch.
My lunch will & my dinner will be another tasty Nutrimeal shake, not sure which flavour I will choose yet and 2 healthy nutrition bars to make it a total of 5 small meals during the day.
I keep my 1.5L still mineral bottle with me at all times that I will drink throughout and hopefully will need to top up too!
All I need now is to find the time to do my Pilates sessions...and I have lots of excuses for not finding the time: housework, work, kids, preparing food from scratch for the family tonight!

I am updated this now it's 8 pm. It was an exhausting day, not sure if because I had a lot on or the lack of calories or my body fighting the cravings! I managed the detox well, I didn't feel starved at all and I even managed to drink 2 litres of water... the only thing was I didn't do my 30 minutes Pilates: something to get right tomorrow!

Hoping for a good night sleep tonight, but proud of myself on my first day!

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