Monday, 23 January 2012

Week 2: RESET Transform Phase

I need to watch out...I have a nasty cold try eating my energy away. Not a problem, I will take it slow but continue to be consistent. I will replace some of the shakes (which I prefer cold) with nutritious hot soups!!

Monday workout was an easy way to start the week: I did 30 mins ‘Pulse Yoga’ and 30 mins ‘Fabulous Fitness at 40’
Tuesday morning I manage to get up at 5.30 am and got energised with 30 min “Shiva AM Energy” and another 30 mins with “The Firm 500 Calorie Burn“ by Kelsie Daniels...both excellent workouts!

Wednesday I did not manage to wake up before the alarm, but made sure I exercised for about 1 hour as soon as I came back from the school run: “Trudie Styler Warrior Yoga” & “Ultra Fit Body Workout Day 2” by Audrey Kaipio.

Thursday, I did ‘Ultra Fit Body Workout Day 3’ with Audrey Kaipio and X-tend Ballet Barre with Andrea Rogers...over all maybe about 40 minutes. My upper body is ‘killing’ me though!

Friday, I did not feel great at all, so instead did about 45 mins of Yoga on the Edge – Sunrise with Sara was a great workout, I am saving the recording for another time.

Saturday is weigh-in day: 67.8 kg... I have lost another 600g! This is the right way to lose weight, slow & consistent: from now on I expect to lose between ½ and 1 kg every week. Saturday is quite hectic with the family activities, so it is my day off in terms of “me” workout.

Sunday was an experiment. My 8-year-old has started competitive swimming for a month now and she needs to build stamina, so I bought her a proper pair of running shoes. She is starting a first jog! It was a bit strange to start with because the 4-year-old was adamant that she also was going to jog with us. The 4-year-old lasted 5 minutes and got back inside. My 8-year-old only managed to run for 10 minutes because she had a ‘stitch’...we continued power walking for another 15 minutes & I took her home. I felt so energised that I went back all by myself for another 15 minutes proper jog.

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