Tuesday, 5 June 2012

2-week-break from Get Lean Program: Green Smoothie Detox

2-week-break from Get Lean: Raw Food Detox with Raw Chi Food

I started the detox at 63.5kg and finished at 61.1kg!!!

The 7-day detox was very easy to follow with good preparation and the help of Renee Maguire from Raw Chi Food. It was based on green smoothies. There was a large choice of recipes to choose from and I managed to have 3 different recipes each day, so no risk to get bored of them. 

This is what my kitchen & fridge was full off:

This was my nutrition plan for the week
My Blender & other goodies
Some of my fruits
Some more fruits
My Aloe Vera Leaf & other greens
 More greens
And some more veg...

I used my Vitamix extensively... I think this is the must-have gadget in every house:

I used Aloe Vera for the first time and kept the skin of the leaf for my daughters & I to use on our skin...it was lovely! I now plan to order more aloe vera leaves from Renee's shop every month:

Some smoothies were thicker than other, making it more interesting to eat or drink! The smoothies were so delicious than even my husband & my 4-year-old also had some on a daily basis!

The experience was so enjoyable that I did extend it to 2 weeks and I am not incorporating some of the smoothies as part of my Get Lean Nutrition Plan.

I did very little exercise, as although I had no negative side effects and had lots of energy...psychologically I felt that it was wise not to exhaust myself. I had great night sleeps and I did treat myself with a few lymphatic drainage massages...

I discovered body brushing before bath or shower and even now before my workouts...great to get rid of cellulite too!

If you have never done a detox before or would like to give this one a try, whether you live in the UK or not, I really recommend Raw Chi Food: you will get one-2-one coaching from Renee. I now place regular order of superfood through their website:

For all the ladies from the UK following the Get Lean Program, there are quite a few items from the nutrition plan that you can source at reasonable prices from Raw Chi Food... here are a few of my favorites:

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