Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Reset Detox: Day 2

I had a great night sleep and woke up naturally at about 5 am but didn’t have the motivation to get up earlier than my usual 6 o’clock.
My first hot drink this time was fresh pressed lemon juice in boiled water with a dash of organic honey...it did wake me up! My diet plan is the same as yesterday and I know I won’t get hungry!
This morning my friend is dropping my kids to school, the walk to her house energises me!  I am back home, I have no excuses and instead I am starting my 30 minutes Pilates Workout: Wai Lana Pilates Yoga Figure 8 Fitness Workout. The exercises are easy, but still my upper body is shaking...that’s a good sign! I know it is going to be difficult not get bored keeping fit at home instead of the gym where I used to be able to do a variety of different classes...I am going through my sky tv fitness channels and record a few programs to test later on.
It’s been a long day though...finished with a bit of a headache. Hope tomorrow will get easier.
Tomorrow, I want to continue as planned... what I want to achieve is get up naturally at around 5 am, so I get a workout done first thing. I have to visit my friend Dash for tea (green tea for me though) in her new home...so I don’t want to risk having the excuse of not having enough time in the day to exercise!!
Goodnight for now...

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