Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week 3: RESET Transform Phase

I am already thinking about what fitness program I would like to follow after I finish this 5-week-plan with USANA. Of course, I will not stop Reset or USANA completely...I will continue with my HealthPak daily supplements and keep some of the low glycemic snack at hand. I will have some of the shakes with higher protein content instead of the normal one to match a more physical workout program.

I have decided to get Belinda Benn ‘Get Lean Program’ which I will start in about 3 weeks! Who dares to join me?!

From next week, I will weigh in on Mondays instead of Saturdays.
Monday: It looks like this cold is taking a bit long to shift away from me, I don’t seem to be able to wake up naturally before the alarm...never mind I am motivated enough & it’s no longer an excuse to miss my daily workout!
Today, I did 20 mins ‘Body Shaping Intensive Yoga’, 15 mins ‘DanniSexy Legs Now’ by Danni Levy and ’Belly Blitz’ by Suzanne Baven for 12 mins. I love the last 12 minutes!!

Tuesday: Still only woke up at the alarm, but I am saving 1/2h because my friend is doing the school run this morning, so I have time to do ‘Inch Loss Pilates’ by Lucy Knight for Fitforlife... not too difficult but effective on the core muscle side.

Wednesday, I really enjoyed doing this workout with Elise Lindsey called ‘Resistance for Women’ from Body In Balance TV recording.

Thursday, I went jogging for about ½ hour after I dropped my children at my friend’s house...refreshing!!

Friday, I wanted variety! I did 3 different workouts:
-          Exhale Core Fusion Bootcamp with Fred De Vito for 15 mins (really good & challenging)

-          The Skinny Girl workout with Bethenny Frankel  for 25 mins

-          Belly Blitz with Suzanne Bowen (my favourite abs workout so far)

Saturday was again my day off and we had people over, so I wasn’t 100% with my healthy eating habits!

Sunday was my best day, jogging at the beginning with Tamzin (8-year-old daughter) and by myself at the end: altogether 40 mins ... that is more than 7,000 steps done before 10 am!!!

Tomorrow will be weigh in and the start of week 4!!! Bring it on!

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