Monday, 6 February 2012

Week 4: RESET Transform Phase

Monday: Going on the scale both excited & nervous at the same time... lost another 300g, that is a total of 2.4kgs in 3 weeks! I am very happy with my consistent & safe weight loss! I had too much on for the day, so that was my excuse for not working out! Shocking I know...

Tuesday: Felt very energised and went jogging for 40 mins and finished the day with over 13,000 steps counted on my pedometer.

Wednesday: Another excuse for not enough time to workout! I am feeling guilty, but can’t help it!

Thursday: Felt so guilty for missing out 2 days exercise this week, that I challenged myself to run for longer today. Success: 15,163 steps or 2.86 mile and burnt 361 kcal.

Friday: Had a bad start with my 4-year-old Saskia not wanting to listen and making us late for the school run. I felt so angry & stressed that I couldn’t relax and breathe properly during my job: only managed to do about 3,000 steps... went back home instead and did 20 minutes yoga to calm me down: Yoga for Beginners Stress Relief with Suzanne Deason (LivingYoga)

Saturday is my day off workout, I am too busy taking my girls from Gymnastics, Trampoline & Ballet Classes. Today, there is also a birthday party to drive Saskia too!

Sunday: we had heavy snow chance to jog outside. Only managed to do some toning exercises while watching TV in the evening: it was quite fun, the girls did join in and we obliged dad to do 20 press-ups (it was quite funny to watch!)

I am a bit nervuous for tomorrow morning weigh in, because I feel I didn't do as much exercise as I should have...

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