Monday, 13 February 2012

Transform Phase Week 5

Monday morning is weigh in: lost another 600grs... I was nervous as I thought I didn't do enough exercise during the week, but it was ok because I stuck with my healthy diet!

We are still snowed it today, so I am varying my workout: 40 minutes clearing the snow out of my drive!

Tuesday: It was still icy and too dangerous to jog outside, so reverted to the living and did 45 mins of Super Circuits by Winston Squire. This is perfect for beginners!

Wednesday: Again, no jogging possible today... I miss it a lot, I enjoyed working out outside! Back in my living room and did 45 minutes of ‘Danni- Sexy Legs Now’ by Danni Levy. Quite enjoyed it (but was not prepared you need a Swiss ball –which I did have- but could do similar exercise on the floor on the sofa)

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