Sunday, 1 July 2012

Get Lean Program: 2nd round, Month 1

Second round of Get Lean 12-week-program: Month 1 completed!

When I started the Get Lean Program a few months ago, my weight loss goal was to get down to 60kg by the end of June 2012: today is 1st July 2012 and I am 60.5kg... so yes I have succeeded!

I am 43-year-old and probably fitter & healthier than at the same weight when I was 25! So, it is never too late and if you make the decision you also can do it! If I can do it...anyone can do it too!

I will shortly upload some pictures to demonstrate my progress, but for now I can share these figures with you:

15 Jan 2012: Waist 33”, chest 36”, hips 39”, Thighs 24” right & 23.5” left, bicep 13”
1st Jul 2012: Waist 31.5”, chest 34”, hips 36”, Thighs 22” right & 22.5” left, bicep 11”

10 Oct 2010: BMI (Body Mass Index) 26.3 overweight, body fat 30.4% marginally overfat
1st Jul 2012: BMI (Body Mass Index) 23 normal, body fat 26.2% normal

Thanks to specific exercises & good nutrition, my cellulite is practically gone. On the other hand, I have some loose skin that will need about 1 year for its elasticity of recover from the ‘rapid’ fat loss. This is only temporary and will improve by taking care of my skin with the following routine: body brushing, exfoliating and moisturizing. It will also resolve itself by continuing toning & building muscle mass.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level: further reduce body fat % and gaining a more toned & lean body shape!

Belinda has given me a new training workout schedule to achieve these new goals!

I am so glad I came across Belinda‘s Get LeanProgram!

Until my next update in a month’s time, look at these testimonials:


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